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Uttar Pradesh

UP CM Yogi honours craftsmen, architects for construction of Gorakhnath Temple

May 22, 2023 10:52 AM

Gorakhpur : Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Sunday honoured the architects and sculptors involved in the construction of Gorakhnath temple and creating deity idols.

The Chief Minister honoured architect Anupam Agarwal and the father-son duo of sculptors, Mukesh Kumar Jaimini and Shivam Kumar Jaimini from Jaipur, who contributed to the construction of the new temples and crafted the deity idols from marble respectively, during this occasion on the storytelling stage, said a statement here on Sunday.

CM Yogi then expressed gratitude to the architects, sculptors, engineers, and labourers involved in the construction of the temple and the creation of deity idols.

Amidst Vedic chants, the CM performed the sacred offering of the grand Mahayagna of Shri Lakshmi Narayan and worshipped the divine idols, conducting the pran-pratishtha ceremony. The entire temple complex echoed with devotional cheers as Gorakshpeethadhishwar unveiled the idols of the deities amidst devotional tunes on various musical instruments and bands.

Along with the Pran Pratishtha ritual, the culmination of the seven-day Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran Kathagyan Yagna at Mahant Digvijaynath Smriti Bhavan of Gorakhnath Temple.

With the methodical efforts of Chief Minister and the Head of Goraksha Peeth, Yogi Adityanath, the consecration of idols in nine newly constructed temples was successfully accomplished, transforming Goraksha Peeth into a celestial realm of prosperity

This ceremony of pran-pratishtha, in conjunction with the grand Mahayagna of Shri Lakshmi Narayan and the sacred offering of the complete knowledge of Shrimad Bhagavat Mahapurana, reached its culmination.

The Chief Minister also offered prayers for the auspicious and blissful lives of all citizens to Guru Gorakhnath and all the deities. He also requested that everyone be insistent towards cleanliness in the temples as well and try to imbibe the spirit of divinity in the idols

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath performed the worship of the Vyasa Peeth and offered an Aarti and also expressed gratitude and extended his greetings to Dr Shyam Sundar Parashar, the narrator of the discourse, who arrived from the holy city of Vrindavan.
Notably, Dr Parashar, with great coherence, explained the essence of Shrimad Bhagavat, connecting it with contemporary relevance.

CM Yogi performed the consecration of idols in these newly built temples of Shri Hanuman, Shri Ram Darbar, Shri Radhakrishna, Shri Dashavatar Vishnu, Shri Navagraha Mandir, Shri Santoshi Mata, Shri Chatthi Mata, Shri Hatthi Mat and Shri Bal Devi.

On the occasion of the consecration of idols, a grand feast (bhandara) was organized on the premises of Gorakhnath Temple. A large number of devotees partook in this event to receive the sacred offering (prasad).

The religious ceremony for the pran-pratishtha of deity idols in the nine newly constructed temples within the Gorakhnath Temple commenced in two phases, starting on May 8. In the first phase, the narration of Shri Shiv Mahapurana took place, while in the second phase, from May 15, the grand Mahayagna of Shri Lakshmi Narayan and the discourse of Shrimad Bhagavat Mahapurana were organized.

To complete the ceremony of pran-pratishtha, CM Yogi Adityanath, visited the Gorakhnath Temple on Friday. Since then, he has been actively participating in all the ritualistic programs.

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