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Epaper Tuesday, October 03, 2023


Dhaliwal demands central government interference on students who faced deportation from Canada

June 06, 2023 05:05 PM

Ajnala: NRIs affairs Minister Kuldip Singh Dhaliwal demands center Government interference on 700 students who are trapped in immigration fraud in Canada and faced deportation cases.

Minister demanded that they should not be returned to their homeland and should be given work permits considering their visas.

He said that The Punjab Government has written a letter to the external affairs Minister to rogue travel agent, who has cheated so many students, I also request the Home Minister of the country Amit Shah to cooperate with us in this casevso that this travel agent can be severely punished for this cheating case.

He said that in the letter written to the Union Minister, I have also sought time to meet him so that the whole matter can be brought to the attention of the Central Government personally.

He said that the laws of the country should be strict so that these incidents related to human trafficking do not happen.

Dhaliwal also appealed to the people of Punjab that before they go to any country or send their child, the details of the college where the admission has been made and the record of the travel agent who is placing your case must be checked.

In response to a question, Dhaliwal said that the case of the youth sentenced to death in Indonesia is starting again from June 26 and it is hoped that the youth will be acquitted in this case.

He said that the Ministry of External Affairs of India had shared the information in this regard with us yesterday and they are raising this case with the Indonesian government.


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