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'MuzikOnn' coming to revolutionize the World of Music Industry through Blockchain Technology

August 17, 2023 03:55 PM

MusicTech company 'MuzikOnn' is all set to make a big splash in order to completely change the business and ecosystem of music. Looking at the company's vision and endeavors, its presence is bound to revolutionize the music industry. By adopting blockchain technology, MuzikOnn is set to take a leading role in increasing access, transparency and collaboration among musicians. MuzikOnn E-commerce platform will provide a seamless and effortless experience for music education, career, business and buying or selling of instruments and accessories. Leveraging cutting edge technology, the platform will ensure secure transactions in the music industry by eliminating middlemen. As a result its prices will become very competitive. For this, the company has also introduced 'MuziKoin Token'.



By joining MuzikOnn, young musicians, singers will have access to a wide range of courses and resources with trainers from across the globe. The company will scout for talent through global band/music competitions and help local talent gain international recognition. Thus MuzikOnn is going to open doors for aspiring musicians, singers to perform across the globe and scale new career heights. Through this, it will also help in organizing concerts, dialogue, collaboration and connection between audience and artists. The company will do ticket sales and artist payments through blockchain, which will ensure complete fairness and transparency in its system. In this way, MuzikOnn will establish a music production marketplace, providing a platform for artists and buyers to perform, support and monetize. Transparent licensing and payment of royalty will also be ensured through blockchain.


Amit Sinha, Founder and Director, MuzikOnn says- “We aim to revolutionize the music industry by harnessing the power of blockchain technology, as well as establishing 'MuzikOnn', a well-known international musical instrument brand dedicated to manufacturing high-end brass, percussion and string musical instruments. These instruments are carefully designed by skilled craftsmen. We want musicians of all backgrounds to be empowered and have the opportunity to pursue their passion for music. Seeking aspiring artists From reaching out to seasoned professionals, MuzikOnn will cater to all the needs of every musician." From trumpet to saxophone, all the instruments of the company will give an experience of excellence.


According to Amit Sinha, MuzikOnn is a platform where musicians of all levels can connect, learn and grow together. It will break geographical barriers and ensure equal opportunities for all. Students willing to learn will be able to get international level music education through this. The platform will offer a wide variety of courses, lessons and resources to suit different music genres, skill levels and interests. The company will enhance the achievements of musicians and open doors of employment by giving them unique recognition. Along with this, MuzikOnn will foster a culture of mutual learning and collaboration. Students will be able to connect with fellow musicians, join virtual sessions and collaborate on projects.


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