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Epaper Tuesday, October 03, 2023


Mass prayers held at Chandigarh Church on PM Modi’s 73rd birthday

September 18, 2023 10:17 AM

Chandigarh: With great zeal and joy, the members of the Christian community gathered in large numbers on Sunday (September 17) at Jeevan Jyoti Church – CNI, located in the premises of PGIMER, sector 12, Chandigarh, and prayed for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s wellbeing to mark his 73rd birthday.

An interfaith delegation of the Indian Minorites Foundation (IMF) also participated in the special prayers where they prayed for the continuity of the nation building campaign being carried out by PM Modi with dedication and hard work.

The delegates of IMF, led by its convenor Satnam Singh Sandhu, were joined by large number of Christian community members and religious leaders for the mass prayers.


They sought the divine intervention and the success of PM Modi’s dream of developed India by 2047. The Christian community leaders who participated in the mass prayer hailed PM Modi for his visionary leadership that has led the nation to the new heights of development and progress.

Besides Satnam Singh Sandhu, the IMF delegates included Anil Masih, president All Churches Council for Punjab and Chandigarh; Bishop Denzel Peoples, Diocese of Chandigarh; Mansoor Khan, National President, Sufi Islam Board; Rajan Sharda, priest; Dr Faiyaz Ahmad Fyzie, Author, and Socio-Pasmanda Activist; Kashish Warsi, president of Sufi Foundation, Moradabad.


Anil Masih, president All Churches Council for Punjab and Chandigarh said that PM Modi’s birthday is an important occasion for all. “Every Indian citizen is proud to have Narendra Modi as a prime minister because he has cultivated a new India where every one is an equal partner. We have seen that there is no discrimination based on colour, caste, religion etc in his governance,” he said.


He further said, “PM Modi treats every community as his own. By participating in Easter Celebrations at Church in Delhi earlier this year, PM Modi showed his love for the Christian community. The success of G20 is a testament of India growing power under PM Modi.”


Rajan Sharda, local priest, said, “Every community has progressed under PM Modi’s leadership. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken several bold and historic decisions rising above appeasement politics, which is why every community is happy with his leadership.”

“We have prayed for his health and wellbeing and the continuity of his leadership which is making India a major global power. Over the last nine years, we have witnessed how India emerged on the global stage. It is all because of PM Modi’s vision and determination,” he said.

IMF convenor, Satnam Singh Sandhu, who prayed for PM Modi’s well-being and longevity, said, “Every community is joyous on PM Modi’s birthday because he has transformed the lives of all communities. PM Modi believes in ‘Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas’ which is key to his developmental initiatives. He is taking all communities along on the road to make India a developed nation by 2047. He has tirelessly worked for the welfare of Christian community in India during last nine years.”

“PM Modi is shaping the new India with significant reforms and policies and we are sure that PM Modi will take our country to the top of the world,” said Satnam Singh Sandhu.

Rajkumar Saraoi, secretary of the church, said, “All communities including Christian community have flourished under PM Modi leadership. He took various initiatives for the welfare of common man without any discrimination. He did not see Christian community merely a vote-bank but transformed their lives with his initiatives and governance. He became the first Indian Prime Minister to meet Pope Francis in Vatican City and invite him to visit India. This shows his love for Christian community.”

Kashish Warsi, president of Sufi Foundation, Moradabad, said, “PM Modi has ensured inclusive development of all communities. Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Hindus took part in the prayers which shows the thriving secularism of India. With Modi’s birthday we are celebrating peace, happiness and development which he has made possible for all communities during his tenure.”


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