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Epaper Wednesday, February 21, 2024


TN: Devotees offer prayers, take holy dip at Rameswaram's Agnitirtha on 'Thai Ammavasai'

February 09, 2024 05:10 PM

Rameswaram : Devotees in large numbers performed the Bidurkarma pooja at Rameswaram's Agnitirtha, seeking peace for their ancestors on the occassion of Thai Ammavasai on Friday.

According to Hindu belief, fasting and performing special pujas on the new moon day of every month are believed to bring peace of mind to ancestors. It is believed that individuals unable to observe fasting on the new moon day of every month can instead perform pujas in memory of their ancestors during the Udrayana holy period in Thai and Masi and the Dakshanayana holy period in Adi and Puratasi. Additionally, taking a bath in holy places and water bodies during the annual Ammavasai fast is considered a meaningful way to pay homage

Also, doing pujas, especially for mothers and fathers in Thai and Adhi months, for relatives in Masi month and in Puratasi, the holy month of Mahalaya, for everyone, is said to be beneficial.

Hindus hold the belief that observing a fast and offering prayers on the new moon day can bring solace to the ancestors who have been forgotten for an extended period. This act is seen as a way to bring peace of mind to ancestors, fostering happiness and bestowing blessings upon the family for a prosperous life
Adhering to this belief, thousands of devotees arrived in Rameswaram early this morning, immersing themselves in the purifying waters of the Agnitirtha Sea to seek peace for their departed ancestors.

Subsequently, they participated in ritual baths at the 22 sacred tirthas of the Ramanathaswamy temple, followed by seeking darshan of Swami. Devotees patiently queued up for their turn to take a dip in the revered waters of the temple, embodying a profound spiritual journey.

The All India Pilgrim Association halted at each Tirtha well, pouring sanctified water on the devotees. Meanwhile, in collaboration with the local police, officers from various districts ensured security measures during the pilgrimage.

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