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Epaper Thursday, June 13, 2024


Indo-Israel AgriTech Co-Incubation Summit strengthens bilateral ties

May 31, 2024 09:53 AM

New Delhi : In a testament to the burgeoning partnership between India and Israel, the Indo-Israel AgriTech Co-Incubation Summit saw the presence of Israel's Ambassador to India, Naor Gilon, as the guest of honour.

Accompanied by Doron Gidony, the innovation attache, Ambassador Gilon underscored Israel's pivotal role in the programme and explored avenues for collaboration in the innovation sector.

"Today, Israel's Ambassador to India, Naor Gilon, attended the Indo-Israel AgriTech Co-Incubation Summit as the guest of honor, accompanied by our Innovation attache, Doron Gidony. During his address, the Amb Gilon highlighted Israel's role in the program and discussed collaboration opportunities in the innovation sector.

Alongside Chief Guest Satyaki Rastogi, sidbiofficial, he also presented awards to the top three startups," said Israel's Embassy in India.Addressing the audience, Ambassador Gilon highlighted the shared challenges faced by both nations in the realm of agriculture.


"I think it's safe to say that India and Israel are especially in agriculture, but not only are sharing the same challenges when it comes to agriculture," remarked Gilon, adding, "We both are sharing climate challenges, water, and being arid countries with big arid zones. I think it's very similar."

Drawing attention to Israel's innovative solutions, Gilon emphasised the country's expertise in overcoming agricultural challenges. "Israel coped with these challenges by developing technologies to overcome them," he stated. "Very known here, of course, the smart irrigation. Smart irrigation that Israel has led."

Gilon also shed light on Israel's pioneering efforts in water management, including water treatment and desalinisation. "Israel today is the world leader in reusing water in order to save and have more resources," he declared. "Desalinisation, fertilizing accordingly to the weather, and improving."

The summit, graced by esteemed guests including Chief Guest Satyaki Rastogi from Sidbi, witnessed the recognition of top-performing startups in the field. Ambassador Gilon, alongside Rastogi, presented awards to the top three startups, further solidifying the collaborative spirit between the two nations.

Reflecting on the robust Indo-Israel relations, Gilon attributed the rapid growth to the "people-to-people element." "The relations between India and Israel are really outstanding," he affirmed.

"The cooperation in all fields is incredible. I always say that relations grew fast thanks to one secret ingredient that we have, and this is the people-to-people element. The closeness that Israelis and Indians feel to each other."

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