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Epaper Friday, July 19, 2024


Bulls push markets to historic highs, experts give positive outlook for future

June 03, 2024 01:47 PM

New Delhi : The stock market opened on Monday at a record high, following the exit polls predictions giving the BJP-led NDA a third term with a comfortable majority.

Markets experts see further upswings after the formation of the government, allocation of portfolios to ministers and announcements in the upcoming July budget.

Madhusudan Kela, Founder of MK Ventures, reflects a positive outlook on India's prospects and the potential for continued growth and development across various sectors.

He emphasises the importance of visionary leadership, sound policies, and collective effort in realising the goals outlined in Amrit Kaal for the benefit of the nation.

Kela said, "Amrit Kaal for Bharat lays down a clear vision for the next 20 years, encompassing economic growth, social upliftment, environmental sustainability, and governance reforms. The past 5-10 years have been transformative for the Indian economy, witnessing significant wealth creation in both the real and financial sectors."

He added, "India has ascended to become the 5th largest economy by GDP and the 4th largest by market capitalization, surpassing 5 trillion USD. With robust decision-making, policy continuity, and renewed optimism, we perceive abundant opportunities for wealth creation and feel privileged to be part of Amrit Kaal. As Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam rightly said, 'You have to dream before your dreams come true.'"

Ajay Bagga, a banking and market expert, said, "Monday is witnessing a gap-up opening, but we anticipate further upside on Tuesday as actual trends become clearer."


Following the election results, the attention of investors will shift to the formation of the new government. The composition of the government and policies can have a significant influence on market sentiment and investment decisions.

Bagga said, "However, attention will swiftly shift to government formation, the Union Budget, and potential tax changes. We foresee significant upside potential in the markets this week, contingent upon factors such as the NDA tally nearing the 400 mark, announcements of priorities by the new government, and measures outlined in the Union Budget in July."

"Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) will closely monitor these developments before robust net inflows are expected", Bagga added.
The optimistic outlook has invigorated investor confidence, leading to a record-breaking opening.

As the market continues its upward trajectory, experts emphasise the significance of political developments, continuity in economic policies, and global factors in shaping future market dynamics.

The robust performance underscores the resilience and potential of the Indian economy, signalling opportunities for long terms investors in the Indian markets.


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