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Uttar Pradesh

UP: CM Yogi holds high-level meeting, provides necessary guidelines to senior govt officials

May 25, 2023 12:43 PM

Lucknow : Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday chaired a high-level meeting through video conferencing and provided the necessary guidelines to senior government officials, as well as senior administrative and police officers posted at the district, range, zone, and divisional levels.

"The officers/employees posted in the field should expedite the public hearing programs by giving top priority to the redressal of public problems. Be sensitive to the public. Keep in mind that your conduct forms the basis of trust in the mind of the common man towards governance. The satisfaction of the public will be the standard of excellence of your performance," CM said.

He further said, "'Thana Diwas' and 'Tehsil Diwas' should be made more effective. Make sure that the complaints are resolved before the next Thana Diwas/ Tehsil Diwas. Ensure that the public is aware of these hearing dates. The cases coming here should not remain pending at all."

Officers posted in the field of every level should take night rest in their posting area only. Do not reside in other areas. Senior officers need to perform a surprise inspection to make sure this arrangement is being followed, he added.

Moreover, he further said, all officers having direct contact with the public like Divisional Commissioner, District Magistrate, Superintendents of Police, DIOS, BSA, and District Supply Officers should meet the general public in their offices, listen to their complaints/problems and settle them on the basis of merit.

The camp office should be arranged only after office hours or on holidays. Speaking on the pace of development works he said, "In many districts, the pace of development works is extremely slow, in such a situation, the officers should regularly review the ongoing development works in the districts so that the work can be completed in a time-bound manner. Their accountability should be fixed by appointing nodal officers regarding development works."

CM Yogi further said, "A few months ago, through dialogue, we were successful in removing loudspeakers from religious places. Giving priority to the larger public interest, people spontaneously removed the loudspeakers. It was appreciated all over the country."

During recent district visits, I noticed that these loudspeakers were being reinstalled in some districts. This is not acceptable. Immediate contact and communication should be established to achieve the ideal situation, he said.

He further mentioned illegal taxi stands, bus stand/rickshaw and said, "Illegal taxi stands, bus stand/rickshaw stand should not operate in any district of the state. Such stands encourage illegal recovery. This recovery is used in anti-social activities.

Wherever such activities are being conducted, they should be stopped immediately. The contractors must identify a location for the taxi stand."

He further instructed officers to hold district-level Udyog Bandhu meetings regularly "District-level Udyog Bandhu meetings should be held regularly. The District Magistrate and the Superintendents of Police should be present in this meeting. Solve every problem of the entrepreneurs," CM said.


"If the matter is related to a higher level, inform us immediately. Give information to the Chief Minister's office as needed. Not a single case of entrepreneurs should remain pending. It should be given top priority," he stated.

CM Yogi further mentioned said, "Stringent action should be taken against those elements who molest daughters and women. Activity should be increased to identify such miscreants. The police force should do foot patrolling every day. Senior officers should also participate in foot patrolling."

"Concrete action needs to be taken so that not even a single incident of illegal liquor manufacturing, buying, or selling takes place in the state. Conduct raids at places of illegal liquor after collecting solid information," he said.

The strictest action should be taken against the culprits. Policemen who are addicted to drugs should not be given any field responsibility at all. It is important to identify these individuals and terminate their services, CM said.

He further instructed that "The District Magistrate/Superintendents of Police should maintain constant dialogue-contact with the local public representatives. Pay attention to their suggestions. Their letters should be disposed of quickly on the basis of merit."

CM further talked about noise pollution and said, "Strictly prohibit noise pollution, and make sure to adhere to the Supreme Court's directives exactly. Establish dialogue with the DJ and music system operators before any function. No one should be allowed to spread chaos."

He further said, all the 17 municipal corporations of the state and Gautam Buddha Nagar have to be made 'smart' and 'safe' cities. Communicate with everyone. Connect CCTV camera to ICCC. Connect the first major municipality and Nagar panchayats near the headquarter of every district with the campaign of a safe and smart city."

"Start preparations for flood management. Repair the drainage system. Complete flood management preparations by June 15. In view of the fact that the heat may increase further, ensure an uninterrupted supply of electricity. There should be no crisis of drinking water anywhere. Ensure the supply of drinking water for humans as well as animals and birds," CM Yogi mentioned.

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