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Canada: Punjabi community celebrates victory of four candidates in Alberta provincial polls

June 01, 2023 03:31 PM

Alberta : The Punjabi community in Canada's Alberta is celebrating the victory of four Punjabi candidates in the recently held provincial legislature elections, Khalsa Vox reported. Out of a total of 15 Punjabi candidates who contested in Calgary and Edmonton, these individuals have earned the support of the people. Rajan Sawhney, a sitting cabinet minister from the United Conservative Party (UCP), secured a victory in Calgary North West, defeating Michael Lisboa-Smith of the New Democratic Party (NDP).

Rajan Sawhney's victory showcases the confidence voters exude in her ability to represent their interests effectively. Jasvir Deol, the incumbent NDP MLA, has been reelected from Edmonton Meadows, as per the Khalsa Vox report. Deol reflected his strong connection with the constituents and secured victory against the UCP's Amritpal Singh Matharu, securing a consecutive term in the provincial legislature. Parmeet Singh Boporai, representing the NDP, secured victory by defeating the UCP's Devinder Toor from Calgary Falconridge. Boporai's victory demonstrates the people's desire for change and their trust in his ability to highlight their concerns, Khalsa Vox reported.

Gurinder Brar of the NDP secured victory in Calgary North East, defeating Inder Grewal of the UCP. Brar's success showcases the community's desire for diverse representation and a commitment to strengthening inclusive policies within the province. Some of the candidates were unsuccessful in their bids. However, their participation in the electoral contest deserves recognition. Amanpreet Singh Gill, Raman Athwal, R Singh Bath, Gurinder Singh Gill, Harry Singh, Aman Sandhu, Jeewan Mangat, and Braham Luddu all showcased their dedication to serving their communities, Khalsa Vox reported.

The contributions of these candidates have enriched the political landscape, fostering an environment of a vibrant democracy, Khalsa Vox reported. The strong presence of the Punjabi community in Alberta cannot be overlooked. According to the 2021 Census, over half of Canada's Sikh population resides in four key cities: Brampton, Surrey, Calgary, and Edmonton.

The victories secured by Punjabi candidates in this election further reinforce their growing political influence and representation in Canadian society, as per the Khalsa Vox report. As the newly elected Punjabi leaders embark on their legislative journeys, they carry the aspirations and expectations of voters. Their victories demonstrate a key milestone for the Punjabi community and reinforce the importance of diverse voices in shaping the province's future. The achievement of Punjabi representatives serves as a reminder of the inclusive and democratic values that underpin Canadian society.


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