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Epaper Monday, July 15, 2024


"You are being told on TV that there is no leader like Modiji but truth is...": Priyanka Gandhi

May 27, 2024 04:46 PM

Kangra : Launching a scathing attack on Prime Minister Modi and BJP, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi said on Monday that people are being misled that the country is progressing while the truth is that youth are unemployed and inflation is increasing.

Addressing a rally here today, Priyanka said, "PM is talking nonsense from the stage. Sometimes it is said that Congress will steal your buffalo, they will steal your mangalsutra. Their truth is absolutely clear. You are being told on TV that there is no leader like Modiji and the country is progressing. The truth is that today the youth are unemployed and inflation is increasing. 70 crore youth are unemployed in this country."

"Congress brought One Rank One Pension. Earlier the soldiers used to get disability pensions, but they have abolished that also. For whom is their government running? Today all the cold storage in Himachal belongs to Adani ji. Only he will decide what will be the price of Apple. Farmers are being cheated," Priyanka added.

Further, the Congress leader said that due to two incidents in Himachal Pradesh, the truth of Congress and the BJP came in front of the people."The country's two biggest parties are in competition in this election. In the last 2 years, 2 incidents took place in Himachal due to which the truth of these two parties has come in front of the people of Himachal. First of all, a terrible disaster occurred here and houses were washed away and families were separated.

When I came here after months, I was heartbroken to see the condition. Every Congress worker and minister was among you at that time. The entire Congress party came together and remained engaged in your support," she said.

"On the other hand, PM says that Himachal is his second family but at that time he did not even look at it. Even big leaders of the BJP did not help you. Everyone saw what is the ideology of Congress and what is that of BJP," Priyanka Gandhi added.

She also alleged that the BJP tried to topple the elected Congress-led Himachal government. "BJP tried to topple the elected state government with its money power. MLAs were given Rs 100 crores and people were betrayed. The Prime Minister, who has the responsibility to maintain democracy, sends his people here to buy MLAs," she added.


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