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Epaper Wednesday, July 06, 2022


Security key for growth of country, says Home secy

May 19, 2022 05:10 PM

New Delhi : Union Home Secretary Ajay Kumar Bhalla on Thursday emphasised on the need for a security environment for the growth of the country and said that the police system is an integral part to ensure security.
Speaking at the Dr Anandswarup Gupta Memorial Lecture in the memory of Bureau of Police Research and Development founder Director Dr Anandswarup Gupta, Bhalla said, "It is true that we in government focus on building bridges, hospitals, colleges, industrialisation and modernisation of everything, but most important thing is security environment in the country."
"Security and stability environment is very very important for the growth of any country. And the police system is a very integral part to ensure the security," Bhalla said.
He said the police is one of the most visible arms of the government functioning that is visible everywhere and part of everyday life also.
Home Secretary said that policemen during the COVID-19 pandemic extended all help to the citizens beyond their mandated duty.

The Home Secretary mentioned how the nature of crime is rapidly changing and said "even though police and public order are state subject, we (Central government) are continuously working to ensure prohibited action".
"Ministry of Home Home Affairs and agencies are playing their role in integrating things," said Bhalla.
Noting that crime and criminals are no longer restricted to any state jurisdiction, Bhalla said the traditional crimes are reshaping and posing new challenges to the law enforcement agencies.
"To meet the emerging security challenges and to deliver an effective response, Indian police have adopted the concept of smart policing. Our police force will have to deal with a plethora of conventional and non-conventional crimes," he said.
Infusion of technology is necessary to ensure delivery of police services which can meet the expectations of citizens too, said the Home Secretary, adding "technology is necessary to increase the operational efficiency and maintaining lower cost also, improving compliance and accountability in the system".
Bhalla said the police personnel can help the citizens by using the technology in a much more efficient manner.

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