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Epaper Thursday, June 13, 2024


Tandon promises to make Chandigarh an IT and Finance Hub

May 02, 2024 05:03 PM

Chandigarh:  “Chandigarh possesses all the potential to emerge as a vibrant IT and financial hub like Bangalore and Pune. All we need is to create better infrastructure for IT and corporate companies, foster industry collaborations, and establish a conducive environment to attract top-tier companies and nurture home-grown start-ups," said Chandigarh BJP candidate Sanjay Tandon, while articulating his vision for the city during his interaction with IT professionals.


Tandon said he has a  keen interest in creating avenues for youngsters in the corporate world. I have a vision to not just make Chandigarh a destination for IT companies and start-ups but also organisations from the finance sector. I will make all efforts to make Chandigarh an IT and Finance Hub.


 In his address, Tandon emphasized the importance of understanding the demands and aspirations of the city and its youth over time. Better job opportunities need to be created within the city so that the local talented pool does not need to move to other cities. Chandigarh is undergoing a transformative journey and will be known as an aspirational city in the next 5 years.


Tandon underscored Chandigarh’s strategic location advantage and said, “Being a Union Territory and the capital city of Punjab and Haryana, companies would have an extra advantage here as they will have access to three different governments in one city. Additionally, being the first urban-planned city in the country, it provides the best quality of life."


Tandon emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts between the administration, industry stakeholders, and educational institutions to realize the vision of a vibrant IT and financial center. My effort will be to create proactive policy measures to incentivize investments, promote innovation, and streamline regulatory processes. Additionally, he emphasized the importance of enhancing the city's livability quotient to attract and retain IT talent.


He also pointed out the need to review the older policies framed for Chandigarh, stating that policies made earlier as per the city's demands at that time need to be reformed according to its current needs.


In his concluding remarks, Tandon stated, “I am deeply committed to supporting Chandigarh’s interests and facilitating its journey towards becoming a leading IT and financial hub. If elected to power, together we will unlock the city’s potential in the next 5 years and usher in an era of unprecedented growth and development.”

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